Monday, March 1, 2010





Pick up Point &: City Hall MRT, Exit B, Main Road facing Capitol Building

Drop off Point

Directions: By Train – Alight at City Hall MRT, take Exit B to Pick up Point

By Bus – Alight at bus stop in front of St Andrew’s Cathedral and walk towards City Hall MRT, Exit B

* Kindly note due to limited parking space at Fort Canning, free shuttle bus services have been arranged. Thank you.

Shuttle Bus Service Schedule

Departure from City Hall MRT to Fort Canning

Departure from Fort Canning to City Hall MRT

















Shuttle Bus Service Pick up Point



Programme Schedule



4.00 – 5.00pm

Collection of picnic basket / goody bag at Registration Area


Onstage games and activities


Launch of Real Love Works 2010


Lucky Draw


Outdoor Movie Screening - “Music and Lyrics”


End of Event

Map of Fort Canning, Fort Green


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Can chanting protect one from devils, demons and gods?


To be honest, when I saw Lighthouse Evangelism Pastor Rony Tan’s video with a Joseph Wee on criticizsng Buddhism, as a Buddhist I was rather enraged by it.

But The Buddha said, “You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger”.

Hence after much thoughts, I have to thank Pastor Rony for giving me the spur to find out more about what the Lord Buddha and Buddhists think about fear.

As such, I am embedding the video below, not to incite others against the Pastor, but rather to point out some of the points raised by the Pastor and Joseph.

At about 1:20, Joseph and Pastor Rony was talking about a particular chant of a word in Pali that Joseph said he didn’t know what it meant nor did his senior Buddhist fellows. According to Joseph, the chant will “protect him against all devils, demons and gods.” Pastor Rony at 2:15 then said that one could chant “ee ee ou ah ah…” to similar effect.

After some research, I think that one word or two words actually could be the mantra chant of “Hari Omwhich means to remove fear/uncover bliss.

One can clearly see that “Hari Om” doesn’t come with the intention as a protection chant but rather than a chant to remove fear or uncover bliss.

It is this fear of devils, demons and gods that create a need for us to be wanted to be from protected from them. If we were to remove this fear, wouldn’t it be as good as being protected against this evil spirits?

View on Buddhism wrote,

As fear is based on something that we think may happen in the future, it is clearly a mental process which tries to predict the future - in that sense, the reason of fear is a projection of our mind.

As such, if the chant is enable you to calm your mind to think of only the chant “Hari Om” and therefore  remove your fear of “devils, demons and gods”, why then would you need protection against them?

Also, if one were to chant “ee ee ou ah ah..” as suggested by Pastor Rony, but that makes one mind to focus on the words and forget about the fear of “devils, demons and gods”, then maybe that person should chant “ee ee ou ah ah..”.

As such, if you at from this point of view, both Pastor Rony and Joseph have actually encourage the importance to find peace by controlling the mind and thus removing fear. A fundamental Buddhist teaching.

Here is Ajahn Brahm’s video about fear and how to overcome it.

As I continue to listen to the conversation between Pastor Rony and Joseph Wee, it actually encourages me to find out more about Buddhism as opposed to being disheartened.

For Lord Buddha said,

Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Random Shot: Taking Teddy Bear Out For A Sun Tan


Anson loves to bite his teddy bear and it quickly starts to smell..

So his mother had to take the bear out to dry..Sleeping with Mickey Mouse in the afternoon wasn’t the same for Anson.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Early reunion dinner


My brother-in-law will be on bus duty during Chinese New Year so my wife decided to have dinner with him a week early.

What a feast we had though simple.


First dish – Fried prawn deep in marmiteDSC_0233


Next dish is stir fried Broccoli with mushrooms and razor clams..




Steamed pomfret in  soya sauce and spring onions..


Fried flatten spring rolls..



and finally.. Red and white carrot soup


Monday, January 25, 2010

A little Thai cafe in Bedok



There is a new Thai cafe, Nakhon Kitchen, on Bedok North Avenue 3 that serves authentic yet affordable Thai food and is becoming a sleeper hit among residents in the area.

Nakhon Kitchen started business in early January and long queues are forming over dinner time and during the weekend.

The dishes are quite affordable with the more popular dishes like the Tom Yam soup cost around SGD6. Most Thai restaurants would charge double.

Also there is no GST or service charge and this place offer ice cold plain water.


I usually go the clear Tom Yum seafood but today decided to have a taste of the coconut milk Tom Yam.

The coconut milk used isn’t too strong so you still can linger on the taste of the lemongrass which is classic Tom Yum.

When you put a spoonful in your mouth, your taste buds will immediately feel the two different and distinct flavour of lemongrass and coconut.

The seafood option serves with two medium prawns plus a few cuttlefish and fish bits.


The next dish we tried was the Thai garlic fried chicken. Unfortunately, this was quite a disappointment as we couldn’t taste garlic as described by the name of the dish.

Still the chicken was well cooked and the bite size chunks is also enough to fill you for a meal.


Pineapple rice is a popular dish among the customers. It looks good for 2 but with the other dishes, 1 would do.

My recommendation is to use this dish as a main course to your rice rather as the rice itself. Mix it with white rice and you get a good meal out of this dish.


This is Thai style Kang Kong which is little on the belachan as compared to Singapore style samble belachan Kang Kong.

Looks oily, but there was no tinge of oil felt when we ate it though.


Don’t forget the condiments. The sambal balachan is a blast and a good mix with your dish and rice.

The cost of the dishes above? Only SGD24 without GST or service charge! White rice is at SGD1 a plate.

I would give the place a 4 plates of rice out of 5 and with the dishes served, I won’t be surprised if you down four plates of rice too.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Google Nexus One phone parts cost $174: iSuppli


From Reuters

Google Inc's new Nexus One smartphone, which retails for $529 without a service plan, is built from components that cost about $174, according to a research report.

But analysts said the big gap between the components' costs and the phone's price tag did not necessarily mean the Internet giant was making a hefty profit, since the retail price includes expenses such as licensing fees and marketing costs.

"You can't base margins off of costs alone," said Canaccord Adams analyst Peter Misek, noting that a variety of expenses are not reflected in so-called teardown reports, which dissect an electronics device and take inventory of the various parts.

Google began selling the Nexus One, which is made by HTC Corp, on its website last week, its first foray into selling electronics devices directly to consumers. The retail price if $529, but if a buyer agrees to a two-year contract with Deutsche Telekom's T-Mobile USA, the carrier will subsidize the phone and it costs only $179.

Read more about the real cost of the Google Nexus One phone here.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

20 Interesting Shots of Abandoned Toys


From the

Christmas time is over and all the good little girls and boys have there shiny new toys to play with.

What happens to the toys that become abandoned.

No they don’t go to the island of the misfit toys. Instead they go to the local dump, abandoned houses, and other unpleasant places.

Below is a collection of sad and a bit creepy photos depicting abandoned toys. This is also a great example of unique and interesting subject matter one can shoot if you use your creativity.


Urban Chill

More abandoned toys photos can be found here.


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